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About the firm

About the firm

Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen.

About Radar Security Limited

We pride ourselves on being a small enough company to be able to personally know and interact with our clients on a regular basis, a trait that can sometimes be lost when a company gets too large or becomes publicly traded.

Everyone on our team works for the Clients who buy our services. The greatest measure of our success is how well we please the customer, “Our Boss”.

Keeping our team happy in turn keeps our clients happy. Everyone, from every level at Radar Security is focused on complete client satisfaction. This enthusiasm for happy clients is hard to contain and as a result has allowed us to expand tremendously while boasting the highest client retention rate in our industry.

Our secrets of success are simple; happy staff leads to happy clients which in turn has led us to become an industry leader with an unsurpassed quality of service.

At Radar Security our clients and staff come first!

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Our Security Portfolio

We have spearheaded the movement to change the security industry away from the standard brutish stereotypes.

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