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Our Awards

Awards & Achievements

Our awards are a nationally tribute to the success of Radar Security under Solomon’s leadership.

Award & Achievements

For over past decade, our reputation as Kenya’s leading security company has been forged through our unwavering belief in being accountable to our clients. From our officers on the front lines, and the professionals manning our Operations Centers, to our support supervisors and our engaged management team, each and every Radar team member is personally accountable to you.

The quest for a good security firm is serious business. While an Internet search will bring lots of results, a careful study will show that Radar Security is the best choice. We’re known for meticulous attention to detail and thorough pre-planning. We leave nothing to chance and we spend hours in the office just thinking of things that could occur and what our responses will be. Nothing that happens at any business will be a surprise to us, and we’ll be ready for all situations.

Unlike other so-called security firms, we’re licensed, bonded and insured, and we have the necessary papers to prove it. The combined experience of our employees adds up to hundreds of years.

The Radar Awards

  1. Top Award 2009/10
  2. Top Award 2011/12
  3. Top Award 2012/13
  4. Best New Innovative Campaign 2013 (Marketing Society of Kenya)
  5. Appreciation Award for contributing Ladies Captain Prize 2016
  6. Appreciation Award for sponsoring Ladies Stableford 2017
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