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Alarm Response

The security guards at Radar are capable of responding to any type of alarm in any environment, including your home or private property. Regardless of where your alarm goes off, our qualified alarm response personnel are trained and ready to handle your alarm calls professionally.  Our security guards have earned an outstanding reputation for fast response times and quickly getting a situation under control. Our first and only priority is protecting your property and we ensure this is done by following a detailed list of alarm response protocol.

In addition to responding to alarms, the security guards at Radar can provide home security checks when you need them. If you’re planning a vacation and would like someone to check on your home on a nightly basis, our security guards are up to the job. We know that it’s important to maintain a lived-in appearance of your home when you are away and we can do things like collecting your mail, turning on lights, watering gardens or even rotating parked cars. Before you leave, we’ll arrange for a home visit so we can see exactly what you would like done in your absence and how frequently you’d like us to perform checks.

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