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Alarm Systems

We work with the best proven, non-proprietary technologies in order to respond to the growing demands in physical security by providing scalable, cloud based security solutions and combining it with our professional guard services for a truly integrated model.

Our strength lies not only in our ability to design and deploy customized, fully integrated solutions, but in Radar’s unique position to be your single point of contact, compliance and accountability when managing your security infrastructure. By forming partnerships with our clients, we gain insight into your specific requirements as they evolve, thereby enabling us to promptly evaluate and adjust existing solutions to meet your changing needs.

From basic, single-user commercial burglar alarms to fully integrated systems that incorporate alarms, access control and CCTV for multiple locations, Radar understands that Information Technology and Networking are critical to today's security infrastructure. That’s why we ensure our solutions incorporate today's standards as we help large and small corporations across the country improve the safety and security of their facilities.

In Portfolios

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